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Casa Noble Anejo                                   $14

Matured in French White Oak barrels for two years, exceptional bouquet and body that ranks among the finest distilled spirits in the world. Fermentation process is 100% natural, allowing the tequila to be influenced by the character of the agave, fruit trees, and other plants.

Cazul 100 Anejo                                     $12

100% Blue Agave anejo tequila aged in oak barrels for 24 months. A full bodied tequila that has a peppery finish with aromas of vanilla, caramel, agave and a touch of chocolate. Silver Medal- San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Don Julio Anejo                                       $13

The nose is initially caramel sweet, but clean vegetal aromas soon rise from the glass. The body is somewhat light, and the palate is gingery and peppery.The finish is soft, warm, and of medium length.

Don Julio Anejo 70th Anniversary                    $13

100% Agave limited edition tequila aged in American white oak for 18 months and filtered for more agave flavors. Crystal clear with smooth and light character, opening with citrus. Notes of vanilla, honey and toasted oak lead to a smooth lasting finish. Enjoy neat.

Don Julio 1942 Limited Edition                    $22

An exquisite Anejo created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of fthe opening of Don Julio's first distillery. Rested in oak barrels for two years. Full nose of vanilla and nuts.

Gran Centenario Anejo                              $11

100% Blue Agave, aged for 18 months in toasted American oak barrels. It is light-bodied with mild Agave with toasted wood overtones.

Patron Anejo                                          $10

100% Blue Agave. Deep gold color with scents of tropical fruits, caramel, cedar and herb. Rich, silky texture. Upon entry there is a powerful surge of fruit and spice balanced by deep wood components. Tremendous, deep finish.

Sauza Tres Generaciones Anejo                  $13

Round, smooth, tingling. A full, balanced blend that starts with brown sugar sweetness, fades to soft oak and clean agave. A lingering warmth that finishes very clean with white pepper and oak dryness. Bronze Medal - 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Cabo Wabo Reposado                               $11

Created by Sammy Hager of Van Halen this tequila is made of 100% blue Agave. The process includes aging in oak barrels and fine-tuning the fermented juice to create a flavor filled smooth style to be enjoyed the Cabo Wabo way.

Camarena Reposado                                   $8

Made from 100% distillate of Weber Blue Agave, sourced from the highest fields in the Altos of Jalisco. Double-distilled in small-batch pot stills to create a pure, smooth tequila with an elegant, robust finish. Enjoy either in a Margarita, or try it straight up.

Cazadores Reposado                                 $11

100% Blue Agave rests in new, small, American white oak casks for at least 2 months. Notes of dill and black pepper, Cazadores is nimble and off-dry. Finish is clean, light and off-dry. A classic tequila and great for margaritas.

Cazul 100 Reposado                                 $11

100% Blue Agave tequila aged in oak barrels to create a spirit with a peppery finish and aromas of caramel, vanilla, agave, and a touch of chocolate. A nice balance of agave and wood flavors from oak. Great sipped or mixed. Double Gold Medal- San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Corazon Reposado                                    $11 

Warm, expanding, long-lasting finish enriched by spicy, oaky notes. Medium-bodied. Clean spicy and woody with a complex layering of dry fruits, caramel, toasted aromas and a great creamy feel. Subtle agave, cedar notes, sweet fragrances such as vanilla, dry dates and almonds.

Corralejo Reposado                                  $11

Aged 6 months in French limousin oak barrels. 100% Agave Tequila. Fruit filled lemon, lime, honey, peppercorn, smooth medium body finish. Winner of double gold medal at the World Spirit Competition 2007.

Don Julio Reposado                                  $12

Notes of cinnamon and honey with a slightly smoky finish and herbal flavors throughout.

Don Sergio Reposado                                 $9

Made from100% Blue Agave. Light amber color with splashes of golden tones. Scents of vanilla, hazelnut and almond lead into the rich, smooth and subtle flavor with a touch of sweetness and light wood notes. Silver Medal- San Francisco Spirits Competition.

El Padrino Reposado                                   $9

Only 100% pure Blue Agave is used in this reposado tequila. After pot distillation, slow aging adds flavors of oak and caramel with a complex finish. An excellent sipping tequila or for high end Tequila cocktails.

NV SX Chachacha Reposado                        $9

100% blue agave reposado tequila has a brilliant, rich amber color.  The soft and spice aged tequila greets the nose with the subtle, sweet floral notes of natural tropical honey.  Fresh lemon zest brings a perfect balance to the palate, and the spirit’s warm sensual complexity arouses the senses.

Patron Reposado                                      $14

High in the mountains of Jalisco this tequila is aged to perfection in oak barrels. A combination of fresh clean taste from the silver with a hint of oak from the anejo. Patron has captured a taste unlike any other.

Avion Silver                                            $12

Intense agave aroma with herbal tinges of mint and rosemary, delicate hues of flowers and black pepper, hints of grapefruit and pineapple. It is crisp and clean, well balanced and exceptionally smooth. Double Gold Medal- 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Cazul 100 Silver                                      $11

100% Blue Agave in its truest form. Clear and un-aged with aromas of citrus and peppers with intense blue agave flavor and natural sweetness. Great as a chilled shot or in a top shelf margarita. Silver Medal- San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Corralejo Blanco                                      $9

100% Blue Agave. A peppery and spicy blanco with a solid kick. Semi-sweet and slightly floral with a oily medium body and long finish. Nice in a margarita or cocktail.

Don Sergio Blanco                                     $8

Made from 100% agave. Distinctive blue agave aromas with soft floral hints. Citrus, fresh herbs and tropical fruit blend with the agave flavor that lingers on the palate for a clean, fresh mouth feel. This high quality tequila is perfect sipped or in top notch cocktails

Don Julio Blanco                                       $9

Double distilled to achieve a balanced quality. Its aroma is light with hints of citrus. The taste is light, clean and dry, with a touch of black pepper.

Corzo Silver                                           $14

Clear, with a dry light-to-medium-bodied palate. Flavors of tropical fruit and peppery spice harmoniously blended to create a delicate finish. Incredibly smooth.Incredibly clean.

Don Sergio Blanco                                     $8

Made from 100% agave. Distinctive blue agave aromas with soft floral hints. Citrus, fresh herbs and tropical fruit blend with the agave flavor that lingers on the palate for a clean, fresh mouth feel. This high quality tequila is perfect sipped or in top notch cocktails

Milagro Silver                                           $9

100 % estate grown and hand-picked Blue Agave is roasted in clay ovens during the production. Then the tequila is distilled three times to create a smoothness that is uncommon.

Milagro Silver Barrel Reserve                      $13

Limited edition tequila. Made from 100% estate-grown blue agave and mellowed in new French oak barrels. Hints of oak and vanilla. Premium cork finished. Hand-blown crystal bottle.

Patron Silver                                           $13

100% Blue Agave. Crystal clear, pure ultra premium. Light, fresh tequila is a favorite of connoisseurs worldwide. Smooth, soft, light tequila.

Patron XO Café                                      $10

Extraordinary blend of ultra premium tequila and the natural essence of the finest coffee. The taste is dry, not sweet. The high proof brings out the flavor of the coffee essence and the ultra premium tequila.